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E-M5ii amateurish impressions .....

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by colonelpurple, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. colonelpurple

    colonelpurple Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 7, 2013
    Just enjoying the phenomenal E-M5ii.

    Kind of bought by mistake. I went in to buy a X-T1, spied a silver E-M5ii and asked to have a look. The salesman handed me the camera with a silver 75mm he had hurriedly connected. What a beautiful device. Came out with a silver one, silver 75mm f1.8 and a black 17mm 1.8. To be honest I loved the 75mm on the camera. It felt beautiful. The most unscientific purchase ever made ...

    A short background. I just shoot for fun. Strictly amateur, so don't expect studio stuff here ..... I try to take a walk at lunchtime everyday and take a camera with me to shoot. Of course weekends and holidays are my greatest photographic enjoyment. In the last year I rediscovered film and have been loving a Leica M7 with the exceptional Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 ii and lightweight Zeiss 35mm f2. Yes its true, officially I have 10 lenses which, are, well 35mm. The 75mm (aka. 150mm) is my first breakout in years.

    The reason I was looking for another camera is that I felt I needed a digital zoom for the moments when film with primes wouldn't cut it. Kind of bizarre I walked out with more primes. Maybe a 12-40mm is in my future :) 

    The funny thing is that I tried a E-M5 years ago and didn't get on with it. Then I tried a E-M1. Loved the handling but couldn't get on with the noisy sensor. Well the E-M5ii has a Sony sensor, one of my favourite camera companies, the E-M1 doesn't, and the E-M5ii is apparently a newer version of the E-M5's sensor with a new cpu.
    Anyway something happened in between and the DR has shot up with the noise shooting down. On an overcast day with lost shadows you can pretty much recover anything:

    Millennium Bridge
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    Low noise performance is unexpectedly good

    Entrance to the Gallery
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    Now lets try low light and test the DR at the same time

    Westminster Station
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    Can't forgot to mention that the 75mm is razor sharp wide open, but you guys know that already

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    Black and white rendering is lovely. Still a bit too sharp at 1600, hmm have to increase to 6400 to get decent grain ;) 

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    On the subject of sharp the hi-res mode is a blast. Really opens a new dimension when one has 64mg to play with in raw. A glimpse to the future when that'll be the base mp, and the hi-res mode will be 200mp....

    Rusting Containers
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    Colours are accurate and very well balanced. So if you increase saturation you don't get a particularly colour blowing out

    Piccadilly Circus
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    Just to confirm the 17mm is sharp as well ;) 

    Royal Academy Obscured
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    And finally to end on something calming

    Tea off Pall Mall
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    So a thumbs up from me.
    Its rare to find something performs so well and is also so well made and beautiful.
    Its really a device you just want to pick up and use.
    Perhaps Olympus, Apple and Leica share something in this respect.

    Best regards
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  2. What a great post. Biased, as I am, with a liking of London images.
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  3. larryis1

    larryis1 Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 23, 2015
    Southern Nevada, USA
    Good job, I really like these photos.
    Take care, Larry

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