E-M5 with Canon 400mm f5.6L again

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    Some more birds with this very capable setup. I must admit that, even allowing for the extra reach factor, this lens definitely produces sharper results than the renowned ED 300mm f2.8 when used with the E-M5. I sold my 300 as I was not happy with the AF when doing wildlife and now I'm enthusing over a lens which is MF only and has no aperture control in this situation!

    Goldfinch - slight movement blur here:


    Male Greenfinch:


    Collared Dove


    I will certainly be using this setup more and more, although it obviously requires a tripod/gimbal which I don't usually carry with me. However for birds in static situations and not too far from the car it is now a must for me and I can easily detach and use the lens with the canon 7D if I need for moving targets.

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