E-M5 Possible IBIS w/Legacy video

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by mister_roboto, May 12, 2012.

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    Jun 14, 2011
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    I found a thread on DPR (not as nausiating as per usual, I was surprised :wink:), where a user had glued a Dandelion chip on a legacy adapter, did the programming- and got Video IBIS on his Tokina AT-X macro 90/2.5 w/MD-M43 adapter. But he also noted:

    "it does not work when video quality is set to Full HD fine, the camera hangs up after 10 s. When set to Full HD normal it works fine."

    AF Chip "Dandelion" IV Generation for micro 4/3 | AF Chips "Dandelion" | peleng8.com - Peleng 8mm f/3.5 Circular Fisheye Lens for Canon, Nikon, Olympus

    Although- if the Dandelion chip can get IBIS to work with video on legacy lenses (kind of), maybe there's a firmware update way of getting to work as well?
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    Mar 9, 2012
    I have a quick question regarding this that's not related to the OM-D.

    Would this work for focus confirmation on an PL1 using legacy glass?