E-M5 Mark II with mechanical problems.

El Robledal

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Feb 16, 2021
Hi everyone,

I have an E-M5 Mark II bought in 2016 and at the first year the on/off switch get stuck and I need to send the camera to repair. Now this week, the shutter get stuck, leaving the camera unable to use and I already send to repair.

Anybody has similar problems, or any other problem?, I'm thinking on change the body for a new E-M1 Mark II, but I'm not sure ifmy problems are just very bad luck, or Olympus cameras OMD are not so good and prone to broke.



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Jan 14, 2018
Don't know where you are located, but in the USA the E-M5 II shows a flat-rate of $240.80 for its repair. KEH.com shows a used one for $384.49 and no used E-M1 Mark II bodies which may be an indicator of them holding up a bit better and demand still strong. Aside, a new E-M1 Mark II at B&H Photo is $999.00.

Tough call. I'm sort of in same repair mess as I bought a used E-M1 Mark I that suffered the rear-dial erratic nonsense. Olympus Repair (Precision Camera?) wants $250 to fix that, but since I bought it used at the outfit that does the sensor alteration to make it full spectrum for IR photography, they are supposedly going to do an in-house repair (i.e. Their own warranty.) since I only had it for an hour before its dial puked. I don't know if I could send the sensor-modified camera to Olympus Repair as they'd see the conversion and maybe deny working on the thing. In the meantime, it went back to the sensor altering place who told me they may need to get parts out of Japan to fix it (Months to fix?) under their in-house warranty. So goes the used repair stuff.

Good luck, but maybe time for a new camera.


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Apr 22, 2018
My on/off switch has failed 2 times now.
I fix it myself. The spring disengages. Every time this happened, I was using the camera in wet conditions. It has not failed for about 12 mths or so now. So that is nice.
I think you should stick with it, when it comes back.
And if it fails again, which is unlikely, report back here, and I will advise you what to do. Meanwhile, do your best to try and wear it out...
I have two M5ii’s, the original one with the switch problem, I use quite hard, the other is almost new, and I treat it kindly.
I considered an M1 mkii, but when I actuality saw one in shop, I realised it was for the pro series of lenses, and M5’s are better with the premium series.


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Apr 21, 2015
Milwaukee, WI
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Shutter stuck? It might be the first curtain mechanical shutter hanging up.

I've run into this problem not with the 5.2, but with the 1.1. Two of four copies have this.

First time it happened, was shooting in subzero weather when the display went black. Turning on/off didn't help. Went back to my car, found out about the hanging first curtain shutter problem, and whacked the baseplate of the camera with my hand. Freed the shutter - but only until the next exposure, at which point rinse and repeat. My hand got mighty sore that cold day.

Might want to try either whacking the baseplate, or switching to electronic first curtain shutter, to see if this is the issue.

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