E-M5 Mark II: Quadcopter Flight

Discussion in 'Video to Share' started by sprocket87, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. sprocket87

    sprocket87 Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 29, 2011
    No, I didn't strap my new baby to a quadcopter ;)
    I just took some footage of my dad flying his Dromida Ominus FPV quadcopter "drone" using my EM5II and the Oly 17mm f/1.8 lens. This video is mostly 24fps, except for the slow motion bits which were using the EM5II's built in 60fps half-speed mode. Worked like a charm. It was great being able to shoot slow-mo in camera.

    Sadly, Youtube butchered the quality of the video upon upload -- the original exported video looks a lot cleaner and sharper without compression artifacts. But I'm quite pleased with the EM5II's quality overall.

    I'm obviously no videographer, this was the first time I've shot this much footage and created a whole video out of it. The EM5II's sensor IS was working hard to keep up with me as I was trying to keep up with the copter. Obviously I need some work in the smooth-hand-holding-department (although by the end of the day I had already learned some tricks and improved my smoothness).
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