E-M1X Compass Problem


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Jan 21, 2015
New Zealand
"Aside, I haven't heard a peep out of RRS as to the magnets or why their E-M1X L-plate was discontinued. Could be since Oly retired, they may stop making plates for them. Given the recent surge to buy the cheaper E-M1X, it seems odd to me unless this is the last production run of that camera and remaining stock is it."

I feel you may be right ... sadly! I love the X ... it does everything I need currently. Is it perfect for indoor sport? Hell No! but it can hold its head high against other bodies in other scenarios! I'll be getting another ASAP.


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Jan 14, 2018
I was preparing to call DISTec this AM (USA tech support), but thought I'd try it out again first outdoors.

There are a lot of Field Sensor Info checkboxes in the body menu that I turned on. I think menu "D" and "I" both have some buried. I went through whole lot of them and checked them all on (green).

I left the GPS Location off at first. Outdoors I turned it on and the SCP > Info button pulled up the GPS and compass rose. Both fields were blank and no compass arrow. I did see the little satellite flashing looking for data and left it running. After a while, I turned the camera off and then back on since I had turned on the GPS location prior.

While out there, I did the circle dance while pointing the camera face up and face down. Several figure eights. While pointing it down, the compass needle suddenly appeared! Later, the GPS lat./long. filled in. It seemed like several minutes of doing this dance before the info displayed.

Also, I left the RRS magnetic L-plate attached while doing this as the hand straps are sewn on so not easy to remove. Appears the magnets do not affect the compass much, although it isn't a super-accurate compass, imho. The altitude seems to need a bit of adjust too and not that accurate day to day. It's off by maybe 30 feet today from yesterday.

So below is a screen shot, albeit I did hyphen-out the lat./long. numbers. I need to clean the camera too as it's been birding a lot since Version 2 came out.

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So all good for now...I hope!
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