E-M10 VS. GM1 ~ Image Quality differences?

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by SteveNunez, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Steve Nunez
    Hello Micro 4/3 User Group, quick question I'd like to ask: does anyone own or shoot with both the E-M10 and GM1, if so are there perceivable differences in image quality?

    I've owned quite a few cameras in the past few years including the GH3, EM5, GM1 and others and know the GM1 is the newest of that lot and is touted for it's great image quality- having said that, all I read are raves about the E-M10 and was wondering would I see a difference in image quality if I were to shoot both side by side with the same lens?

    I own 2 GM-1's and just ordered a new E-M10 and am wondering what to expect as far as image variance- any comments anyone?
    (I posted this on the Oly forum as well- hopefully some Oly owners will chime in)
  2. wjiang

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    Do you shoot RAW or JPEG? I shoot RAW on GM1 and E-M5 (close enough to the E-M10) and I would say they are close enough in quality but different, in terms of how they treat colour, etc. One thing I haven't tried with the GM1 yet is long exposures, I imagine the OM-D wins here as it's better cooled.
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    I shoot with the GM1 and E-P5 (E-M10 was released after E-P5). IMHO the most notable difference is in JPGs, the GM1 looks better at higher ISOs but the E-P5 has more shadow detail at higher ISOs. I think with Raw they are probably very, very similar. I love both cameras and use them for different types of photography.
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