e-M10 Mark II Digital-Teleconverter question

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by SteveLedger, Jan 5, 2016.

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    New to Oly (and to this foru.. G'day from Australia!).
    I have the E-M10 Mark II - love it so far.
    Need help finding the setting I've bumped for the Digital-Teleconverter during video recording.
    Was fine the first couple days but since setting various preferences I can only use the DT before pressing the record button but not 'during'. I've check what I thought were the obviousl places (button setup in video mode etc). I'd rather not reset everything back to defaults and start again because I won't learn where or what it is I changed.. lol.

  2. SteveLedger

    SteveLedger Guest

    UPDATE: I found it.
    On page 86 of the manual it states that the digital tele-converter is NOT available when [Movie Effect] is [On] in video mode.
    Well, I made sure it wasn't on.. But it still didn't work. So I enabled [Movie Effect] and now it works. Firmware bug or manual error?