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    Evere since I got my E-M1 a couple of weeks ago, I've been curious about something: when I press the shutter button half way, there is a very distinct sound that emanates from the camera, which I've assumed to be the IS system working. However, when I press the video record button, there is no sound, though IS is clearly working. Over on a DP Review thread someone stated the belief that the E-M1 (as well as E-M5) uses digital IS for video. Many reviews of the E-M10 state that it uses digital IS to supplement the 3-axis sensor shift IS in movie mode, and that the image was slightly cropped. That made me curious, so I checked for cropping on my E-M1, and sure enough with movie IS on the image is slightly cropped. So how exactly is IS working when recording video? Is the 5-axis sensor shift working at all, and if it's digital, why has there not been any discussion of it before the E-M10? Just curious.
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    I'm sure someone will respond with a better answer but I believe the camera looks for motion and uses adjacent pixels to keep the image from shaking (to a point). That is why there is a slight bit of cropping. I know videocams did this.

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    I'm not 100% certain, but I think the IBIS in the E-M1 in video mode defaults from the five axis stabilisation to a lower one (as it would possibly interfere with video recording), so it's a tad less noticeable, But it is definitely using the IBIS and not software stabilisation.