DTC (digital tele converter)

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    Yes, I did use this once a couple of years ago and then seemed to have forgotten about it. Read something about it again the other day and decided to give it a proper testing to see if it could work for me.

    First thing, you need to shoot in JPG to use it but that's OK as Oly's JPG's are very nice. Can keep the RAW also but it's not much use as you would have been fully zoomed if not using the DTC so the RAW is now even further back than you would have shot it (not applicable if you are shooting at the full long end of the zoom anyway and not framing different zoom lengths).

    Here are a few images from the weekends trial. As mentioned by another thread I read somewhere on the internet (could have even been here??) it's best turn turn off all NR (I have NR turned off all the time anyway) Contrast and Sharpness at 0 (or lower if it suits your testing).

    The following images have been edited and LR and Topaz. A little over the top but I don't mind them for this type of image as the sea needs a bit of punch and they were only edited quickly as these are not for delivery to a client.

    I think these could easily be printed to 8x12 or more with perfect results. Probably get around to printing some test shots just for my own interest but that won't be for a while.

    These images were shot with the Olympus 75-300 lens but kept under 240mm for better sharpness. I am looking forward to my new 40-150mm with 1.4x (so 210mm equiv) arriving now, as the image quality will be so much better and when I need to push to DTC I think that will make a huge difference to the quality of the JPG also. When I don't need the DTC great, when I do it looks like it could work for me.

    16066215944_a800663927_c. P3013434-Edit.jpg by Noonan Photo & Video, on Flickr

    16501146490_434d80b5f8_c. P2273222-Edit.jpg by Noonan Photo & Video, on Flickr

    16662592036_a9bd6e93f8_c. P2272961-Edit.jpg by Noonan Photo & Video, on Flickr

    16687511782_ddb65e89bf_c. P2226584-Edit.jpg by Noonan Photo & Video, on Flickr

    16500952018_7e8dc534d7_c. P3013448-Edit.jpg by Noonan Photo & Video, on Flickr
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