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    http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympus-om-d-e-m10/13 I just spent a little bit of time comparing the studio scene shots on DPR motovated by a link here referencing the EM-10 review on that site. I must say that I found the samples from the EM-10 pretty impressive especially compared to cameras it is likely competing with. I did find the skin tones of some cameras more appealing, but I found the sharpness extremely impressive.

    One thing that troubled me, however, was the results posted from the Panasonic G6. I found them significantly worse than the EM-10. I use a G5 and while the site didn't have G5 samples to compare, I don't think the G5 would be be superior to the G6. I have actually been pretty happy with the output of my G5 and really like the size and features of it, but if the EM-10 amd EM-5 are that superior from an IQ stand point I might consider picking one up at some point in the future.

    But how reliable do you think the DPR sample comparison tool is? It doesn't say what lens is used for each camera and I suppose that could have an impact. But the G6 file looks almost OOF.
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    I've not got a G5/6, but I've contributed to the Post Processing challenge here a few times and have done PP on shots from Pany G cameras. IMHO, the IQ is very good when processing from raw. Not quite as good as my Oly cameras, but pretty damned close.
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    EM10 uses the sony sensor from the EM5 with the engine of the EM1. The G6 uses a sensor that is one generation older with a current engine (the same sensor you find in the G3,GH2,G5,GX1… pretty much all the 16mp Panys aside from the GH3 and GX7). The EM10 will have slightly better IQ than any cameras using the 1st gen Panasonic 16mp sensor, but it will be slight.

    I clicked on the link you posted, and in the crops chose EM10 and G6. You are correct in saying that the low ISO shots look poorly focused (all shots below ISO 800 look soft). Compare the GF6 which has the same sensor, and a possibly the same engine. The GF6 shots are much sharper than the G6 at low ISO. The lens might be a factor as well, but tests like these are really not about sharpness. They are good for looking at noise and color at different ISOs. When comparing the RAW images, I see what I expect. They are very close at lower ISOs with EM10 pulling further ahead at higher ISOs. Comparing JPEGs, the Olympus engine seems to apply more NR at higher ISOs as well as having a more recent sensor, so the high ISO JPEG performance is clearly better… but that is pretty much what I expected also. The EM10 has slightly better IQ for sure, but they are close enough to where handling and features would trump sensor IQ for me.
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