Don't Stop Shooting Action ...

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    Don't Stop Shooting Action...

    ..just because your camera isn't good for action.

    Something that I know discourages many people who love photography, are camera/lens reviews and freely shared opinions, that a camera (generally older technology or not the latest/best) isn't capable of performing in a specific area of photography.

    When it comes to shooting action, that would be the consensus when attempting to use such a camera as the Olympus E-PL1 for that type of photography. Question is - does common thought stop you from using the "inadequate" gear that you have to shoot any style of photography that you want to.

    Coming from a background of photographic limitations such as no in-camera light meter, no auto focus, limited lens selection, limited ASA selection, not being able to see if you got the shot right until 2 weeks later, high cost of film and processing - - - it is true that is may be easier for me use limited gear to shoot whatever type of content that I want - - - and so you don't even bother trying.

    Maybe seeing a few action shots taken yesterday - with a lowly (when it comes to focusing speed, slow aperture, tracking ability and high ISO performance) Olympus E-PL1 and kit lenses - will help you to just shoot what you want to shoot, with what you have, instead of limiting your imagination and abilities by presuming that you can't get the shots that you want:

    This thing was flying straight at me (14-42mm) - key = swing laterally with the motion, halfpressing shutter in anticipation of where the cart will pass

    Fast rotation and motion and many obstacles (40-150mm) - key = shoot lots of images in hopes that they may be facing you in a couple

    Small window for clear shot (40-150mm) - key = prefocus on the area and shoot as they pass by

    Obstacles to throw off focus (40-150mm) - key = find a good location with a clear view and make sure focus is not distracted by near objects

    Walking briskly towards me (14-42mm) - key = walk backwards at same pace

    ADVANTAGE OLYMPUS - when shooting action, is the extra depth of field.
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    I certainly agree with your premise, and appreciate the tips you provide with your shots. It would be great to see more of that sort of thing.

    With regard to capabilities, I think it is much better to say that the E-PL1, for example, is not the best camera/tool to shoot action. We seem to think and talk in terms of "can" and "can't", but those words are not very useful unless they are true.
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    Words of wisdom :thumbup: