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Domke F-5XC with Micro 4/3 gear

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by FastCorner, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. FastCorner

    FastCorner Mu-43 Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    Looks like a few here here have the Domke F-5XC bag. Anyone have photos of the bag loaded with Micro 4/3 gear? I'm looking around for a(nother) bag and the bottom section on this one is a very attractive option.

    For those doing research here are a couple of links I've found:

    * Flickr images with Canon gear: Domke F-5XC Large Shoulder Bag Olive - a set on Flickr

    * Review with Leica gear: Domke F-5XC Review - The GetDPI Photography Forums

    * Video review (Korean): 실용주ì￾˜ìž￾ì￾˜ ì„*íƒ￾, ë￾”ì¼€ DOMKE F-5XC
    (Includes such hilarious tests as an egg drop and ramen packing. Spoiler: don't kick the bag when it has a raw egg inside.)
  2. FastCorner

    FastCorner Mu-43 Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    Well, I bit the bullet and bought the F-5XC. Photos with Micro 4/3 gear to follow...
  3. photos

    May have previously posted these images.
    Two bodies: GF-1 + oly 9-18mm, G2 +45-200mm, 14-45mm sitting in the middle. 20mm and junk in lower compartment. The G2 was turned 90 degrees to allow clear viewing of the middle compartment. Bit tight zipping the bag up with the orientation pictured.
    Normally the 20mm is attached to the GF-1, 14-45mm + G2 and the 45-200 sitting in the bottom compartment. Battery charger usually sits in the mid compartment with the 9-18mm stacked above it. Blower bulb, lenspen and cloth stuffed in the bag. Back slot pocket holds filters,gray card, diy silnylon dust/water cover, front bellow pocket for cable remote, batteries and sd card
    Enough space with current gear to leave hoods on.
    Outside of the diy cover I added a shoulder strap pad (recycled Timbuk2 gripper pad). After a few ours lugging all the gear you start noticing the mass.

    Attached Files:

  4. GaryAyala

    GaryAyala Mu-43 Legend

    Jan 2, 2011
    Good luck with your Domke. I've been using Domke bags since the '70's, love 'em.

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  5. FastCorner

    FastCorner Mu-43 Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    noelh: Funny ... I have the same gear as you plus a few primes. I saw a few of your posts in the bags and more bags thread, which basically pushed me to go for it. Thanks for posting your pix again!
  6. FastCorner

    FastCorner Mu-43 Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    Sadly, this bag has been sitting idle for a while. I really didn't like the pocket layout because it seemed too easy for things to fall out. So last weekend I did some modifications in preparation for a wedding next weekend. The stitching is terrible, but at least things are secure. ;) 

    View attachment 244431
  7. Bacio

    Bacio New to Mu-43

    Nov 25, 2012
    I use Domke F-803 with OM-D system - if that could be of any help.
  8. Bill E. Pilgrim

    Bill E. Pilgrim Mu-43 Rookie

    Nov 30, 2012
    NE Wisconsin
    I ordered the Domke F-10 JD last weekend, it will be here tomorrow. I've been very pleased with two Domke bags I've owned previously. I'll post a photo or two this weekend.
  9. msatlas

    msatlas Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 5, 2013
    Madison, WI
    I love my F-5XC. The only downside is it only comes with 2 dividers but I scavenged dividers from other bags I've accumulated over the years in order to set it up how I like.

    I used one of the included Domke dividers to make a "floor" that separates the area behind the front flap where I can put lenses, and the upper level for body, etc. I used the other Domke 3-section divider to create 3 lens cubbies in the lower level. I'm in the process of switching over from Pentax to m43 so I've included a couple Pentax lenses for scale.


    In the bottom section in this pic I have from left to right a Pentax 35/2, Oly 40-150 w/ hood & Pentax 50/1.4.


    In the top section on the left I have the charger, a cleaning kit & E-PL5 included flash. On the right is the E-PL5 with Oly 14-42. These dividers are from other cases. You can sorta make out on the far right a black divider I used to shrink down the size of the right compartment to hold the body in place. This was how I had it set up for a larger Pentax SLR but I'm probably going to reconfigure this top part to have 3 sections.
  10. BLX

    BLX Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    F-5XC (I made some extra dividers)

    Here is an example of how it could be packed:

    Main: E-PM1 with 20/1.7 + E-PL3 with 60/2.8 + FL-36R + sync cable
    Lower: 45/1.8 + 75/1.8 + 7.5/3.5 + 14/2.5
    Pockets: Battery + AA batteries + VF-2
    On top Gorillapod:

    D700_2013-01-22_DSC_4028-Edit.jpg by Morten Westergaard, on Flickr

    D700_2013-01-22_DSC_4029-Edit.jpg by Morten Westergaard, on Flickr

    D700_2013-01-22_DSC_4032-Edit.jpg by Morten Westergaard, on Flickr

    The possibility to place lenses (and easy access) in the bottom is what made me buy this bag.
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  11. Savas K

    Savas K Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jan 10, 2013
    I started believing into getting a bag larger than your present kit can fill. Watch out when customizing and arranging bags to just about fit what you want. It can wind up a juggling act when the photographer starts taking out things in order to get to things lower in the bag. Add something treacherous like I experienced this weekend, such as wet sand down below. Dropping something key into that and you have a mess on your hands. A larger bag gets you empty chambers to drop things into. A bag large enough so that your hand can fit into the chamber, along with a lens, for instance; so that the lens is clearly in there and not going to fall out when you're working speedy and under pressure.
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  12. WT21

    WT21 Mu-43 Legend Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    So, in short, the 5Xc is a 5Xb, but with a bottom compartment for more lenses??
  13. FastCorner

    FastCorner Mu-43 Veteran

    May 28, 2011
    In a nut shell...
  14. Canonista

    Canonista Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    +1. I like to use my prime lenses with the m43 kit, and that places a premium on camera bag ingress/egress and excess space to change out lenses. Also, since I have a pair of Pen cameras with mounted EVF, the bag can't be too snug, or it will knock them off each time I remove the cameras from the bag.

    So instead of using a bag that just fits the bodies and lenses, I have been using an oversized Domke F-802 messenger style bag. This is an older bag that I'd been using to haul around a pair of full-size DSLRs with 70-200 f/2.8 and 24-105 f/4 lenses mounted, so it is plenty roomy for an m43 kit. I've been happy so far.

    Still looking for the holy grail of bags, I recently tried out the F-5XC and F-803 (smaller version of my F-802) at a camera shop on the strength of others' recommendations, but while they are great for portability, they failed my access/space tests, and the F-5XC in particular was too fiddly for my tastes.

    I may try out the Domke F-3X and F-6 next. Anyone have experience with those bags and a kit with a pair of m43 cameras and a few lenses?
  15. 2mnycars

    2mnycars Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 26, 2012
    I have an F3 and F2; I've not bought the f6. I find 1 hook/strap convenient. 2 are a pain in a tender spot.
    When I carry my OMD with 2 lenses, I wonder why I use anything else. Except mine is Ruggedwear. And it's so ugly! ymmv
    Suggestion? Domke vest....or the vest sold at POTN
  16. psu_13

    psu_13 Mu-43 Rookie

    Jan 24, 2013
    I used to use an F6 for my film cameras. With the four hole insert you can get a body plus and attached lens and four other things in the insert as long as they were not too long (the bag is only 6 inches high). With the 4/3rds bodies you could probably also jam something in on the other side of the insert.

    If you get the 2 hole insert than you can do two camera+lens comboes on either side of it plus 2 things in the holes. 4/3rds lenses can also probably be stacked in the insert since they are fairly small.

    For digital I eventually ended up using my 803 more just to hold the Nikon DSLR + 2 lenses, usually a wide zoom and a normal. But sometimes 2 zooms. I like the shape of the bag more and it's easier to get the bigger camera body in and out. The F-6 tends to deform a bit if you try and pull larger things out of it while it is on your body, so I generally used to end up just setting it down when I worked out of it. I think with smaller cameras this would not matter.

    The 803 is a bit tall for 4/3rds equipment though, so the F6 would probably work well.

    I also had an F-3x for a while but found it too "chunky". I can't say exactly what I didn't like, but I liked the F6 and 803 more. So I sold it. It is also a bit tall for 4/3rds stuff, but the side and front pockets are handy for extras.
  17. Not quite the ultimate bag.

    The F-5XC is my overall favorite bag for the current mu43 kit. But not quite the ultimate large capacity mu43 bag. Personal preference for leaving the lens hoods attached and carrying the camera with whatever lens is mounted holster style (lens barrel vertical. Images posted at the beginning of this thread. Like a few others recycling old inserts to customize the XC was necessary. If the bag was 5 to 5.5" interior depth vs. the 4" and 11" interior width it would be my idea of the perfect mu43 bag. Tried out the F-6 in the waxed canvas version. Nice bag except it's a bit too short (7") to pack the G2/GF-1 with the 100-300mm vertically (7.75 to 9" tall).

    With several months of use personal preference for the F-5XC over the TB2 Snoop for couple reasons. Even though sometimes lens juggling is required & a diy rain/dust cover is needed for certain weather conditions. With use the Domke shows some cosmetic blems, but the bag also feels softer against the body. TB2 still feels like a brick. Bit of weird perception. Same gear packed into the TB2 Snoop feels heavier and clunkier. The TB2 is a slightly heavier bag.

    ~12 x 6 x 11" exterior dimension, ~11 x 5.5 x 10.5" interior version of the XC in waxed canvas. Add a bellowed backside pocket (XC back side is just a slit pocket) for those needing to pack a tablet. Jim Domke, any chance for a F-5XD?
  18. Savas K

    Savas K Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jan 10, 2013
    I would love an F-5XC for going out with my wife and family members; in scenarios where I'm not in "getting the shot" mode. F-5XC helps maintain a nice appearance, yet the lenses are there when necessary. Controlled conditions oftentimes help with lens swaps and such. Such as having a dinner tabletop handy.
  19. mnhoj

    mnhoj There and back again

    Dec 3, 2011
    Los Angeles
    John M
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  20. Canonista

    Canonista Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    Do you mean you use the F3 with the OMD kit? F2 seems too large. I saw the Ruggedwear at the store, and they look real nice.

    I can't help you with the vest as I have an older LL Bean version designed by Bob Krist that's never left the closet.
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