Does the E-M5 Mark III have a plastic feel?


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May 29, 2015
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Perfectly valid opinion, mate. I tend along those lines too. I'd much prefer the 5iii have a metal body, overall. But i'm not picking it up and regretting the feel of it, which i'm pleased about.


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Aug 7, 2013
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Reza Travilla
I'm just curious. I haven't seen one in person. I keep reading the same thing on different websites.
Does it bother you? The previous E-M5s have felt good.
I really wanted the E-M5 Mark III, but now I'm undecided because of that and the price. haha.
Do you have one? Can you post your own mini review?
My friend has it and i try it hmmmm honest opinion, it does feels plastic. Like holding GX8 for precisely. I think it's the same material. Don't like it.

The image quality in par with EM1 II though. But then again it is not noticeable different except when using the high ISO (3200-6400). EM5 III also offer better autofocus and video capability

In the end, i decide it to stay with my EM5 II though. Because in my genre and photo jobs no need video (my team already has videographer), don't use high ISO so often and for autofocus, the current mark II already enough. But most of all, the client never complaint, feel more comfortable in hand and plus i already invest BLN-01 battery to deep (total i have 3 BLN-01)

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