Does anyone know of a map?

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    Sorry for the Duplicate Post. I'm not sure how that occured!

    That illustrates levels m43s ownership or use? Or, lacking that, is there a source of information from which a map could be created? I'm thinking of something with some level of detail in it; something with more than mere levels of national/global penetration. For instance, I live in Springfield, Illinois, USA. I would find it interesting to know how my Central Illinois region stacks up in m43s ownership and use compared to, say, South Eastern Pennsylvania.

    I don't have any commercial use for this info in mind, just curious. I like maps and such. So I wouldn't be inclined to pay for such information. (I'm not THAT curious! I guess.)
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    May 20, 2014
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    James Gehrt
    Sound interesting. Just a wild guess here, you may be able to do something with a Flickr api. That being said, it would depend on how many images were geo tagged. This is beyond my skill set, but if there was a programmer with photo interests, I think it could be done.