Do you use Output Sharpening?

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by woody112704, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Do you use Output Sharpening when you export your images? I downsize most of my pictures to 1920x1440 and was wondering does it make a big difference to use output sharpening mainly for screen since all my pictures go on the web.

    If you do or don't use output sharpening, could you give an explanation why or why not and if you do use it do you use Low, Standard, or High?
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    Jeff Grant
    For web display, I have found the simplest way to be:
    - Crop to twice the final size
    - Apply Sharpen in PS twice
    - Crop to the final size

    I use Photokit for prints, but this technique is fast and easy and looks good on most images. I hate fiddling around with sharpening controls.

    Give it a try - no cost and very little effort.
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    i usde it all the time. The trick is to avoid oversharpening in the develop module. Personally I prefer low sharpening for prints and high for web use.