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  1. Not much out there for rain/dust covers that would fit the Domke F5-XC. In the light drizzle the bag has kept the gear dry. Not sure how dry the gear would be in a heavy rainstorm. Anyone know of a commercially available cover that is made for the Domke F-5XB and F-5XC.

    Being a bit of a pack-rat I tend not to throw out things that should probably be junked. A few chunks of silnylon scraps, chord lock, line & grosgrain ribbon from camping gear projects left over were converted into a rain/dust cover. Not a perfect fit, but adequate & functional. Simple diy project if you have some basic sewing skills.

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    Nice. My Retrospective 20 came with a cover. The UTG sling bag I use with my E-PL1 has a waterproof lining.