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    Little background reading here.
    DIY focusing tab -

    First I have those grip base from JB camera. It's reasonably priced and functional. Though I had to trim and cut it a bit to make it more comfortable to hold. What I dont like about it is that the grip base is made out of casting resin. And because it's not as strong as machined metal, the grip has to quite tall to have enough strength.

    This adds bulk to the camera even though the extra height is a welcomed ergonomic improvement.

    Anyways, go get yourself some oven baked clay. Form a thick tube, grip your fingers around it and squeeze it against the camera. Trip to shape, bake in the oven. Sand and trim after hardened if needed.

    Then you get this.

    You can then use industrial strength 3m double sided taps or 'The Amazing GOOP' to stick the grip to the camera.


    I also made a mold of the finished piece before I gooped mine on. Eventually I will make one out of casting resin.

    These oven bake clay are not really clays they are special polymers. Strong enough and does not react with anything. When you first get it out of the oven, the piece will remain soft until it cools down. It's a good idea to test fit it on the camera again, in case it morphed out of shape a bit during baking.
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    Nice idea!
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