Diwali - Hindu Festival of Lights (image heavy)

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  1. Diwali or Divali also known as Deepavali and the "festival of lights", is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. (Wikipedia)

    There is a thriving Indian community in my town, who at this time every year celebrate the Diwali festival with a big event organised for the public. The event draws some pretty big crowds from all backgrounds and ethnicities, who come to see the performances, partake in the excellent food, and hope for some fireworks (bad running record due to the terrible weather). Last year the only fast prime I had for my E-M5 was the PL25, which was a bit limited in reach. This year I got to try out the O45 + TCON-17 1.7x teleconverter, which worked a treat. This meant that me (and my wife) could sit further back in the stands! :tongue:

    The FEStival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) is also on at the same time every year. This event began after the Christchurch earthquake, and explores urban renewal and regeneration through collaborative projects and public installations. As such, I think it coincides nicely with the themes of Diwali. We always make a day out of it, going from Diwali into town for the FESTA night activities.

    The EXIF data should be intact on all of these, including the manually entered partial data for the 7.5FE. (Note that the O45 shots are almost all with the TCON-17 attached)

    The view as we came in. In other places the festival event is usually outside, but Christchurch is still too cold at this time of year for the performers!

    Kids just can't help touching the ice sculpture!




    This guy is actually a colleague of mine - he's dressed in the traditional costume of his region for the fashion show. The white balance here is a bit screwy - the stage lights kept changing colours and in different combinations, so I really had to rely on being able to fix WB with RAW...

    Freezing motion was pretty difficult - I had to manually force the ISO up to maintain a decent shutter speed, even at f/1.8.


    Nice to see the camera man enjoying the show too!

    That light fixture above the floor area was extremely cool.

    You can tell how far back we were from this shot. There's a bit of a haze from the food and pyrotechnics, so it's pretty amazing that the O45 + TCON-17 worked as well as it did.


    This Punjabi performance is one where the females invite people in the village to a wedding.

    There is a significant Punjabi population here. They are known for their partying!



    The Abacus Bhangra Group performing. The crowd (including all the young kiwis) always goes wild at the Punjabi Bhangra dance.


    This year the main FESTA event showcased student projects from various architecture and design schools around the country. As with last year, it was still pretty cold, so it was fortunate that hot food and beverages were available!
    One guy was quite curious about my gear, I guess trying to figure out what this tiny bit of kit (including tripod) that all came out of a normal backpack was.

    This installation centred around road cones - a ubiquitous sight around Christchurch since the earthquake. They are somewhat symbolic of the earthquake, possibly explaining why people were so fascinated with this one.
    It was amusing watching people trying and failing to duck out of the fisheye frame - they had no idea how wide it was! Besides, I was doing long exposures to show movement, so I actually wanted some people in the frame!

    This couple drew quite a crowd with their fire performance. These are O45 without the TCON-17.

    He's got fire poi (derived from traditional Maori performance poi).

    I met up with a contortionist/circus arts friend of mine, doing handstands on toy-like sheep seats.

    These are fluorescent balloons filled with water, which people loved to bounce around. There's also something magical about the light which drew people to sit and relax here to enjoy the atmosphere and music.
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  2. Wow, thanks for the nomination :) 
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  3. Yoki Soufyan

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    Jan 12, 2013
    I do enjoy reading it, Wjiang! And the photos are very well taken! Thanks!

    I may get my self that TCON-17; looks fun!
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  4. Thanks! It's nice to be able to see what's going on in different communities on this forum.

    I see that you already have the 75mm f/1.8... I probably wouldn't bother with the TCON-17 in that case if I were you. The TCON-17 is about the same size and weight as the 75mm (see it on the 45mm here) so I'm not sure what you'd gain.
  5. Yoki Soufyan

    Yoki Soufyan Mu-43 Veteran Subscribing Member

    Jan 12, 2013
    Oh.. thank you, Wjiang.. You're right, I think with that size and weight, I better carry my MZD 75 instead. Thank you so much.
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