Disproportionate Combination: Hexanon 80-200 f/3.5 on a E-P1

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  1. I recently won a not-particulary-expensive auction for a pair of lenses: a Konica Hexanon 57 mm f/1.4 (the lens in which I was interested, after reading the positive comments from several folks around here) and a Hexanon 80-200 f/3.5 zoom. The latter lens is quite old (pre-1975, I think, based on the aperture and the 'silver' aperture ring), and is purportedly optically decent for a zoom of its era. It's also, well, a bit large...


    (That little silver thing on the back of the lens is my camera.)

    After prying out a stuck filter in the hood, I tried a couple of test shots. These were taken at 200 mm at just about the minimum of focal length of 2 m. The former is at f/3.5, while the latter is at f/5.6. (A third shot at f/8 looked similar to the f/5.6 image.)



    The f/5.6 image is OK, but the f/3.5 is a bit too soft; it's not clear to me whether this softness is inherent to the lens or if I just stuggled to manually-focus a 400 mm-equivalent lens that weighs as much as a 1981 Buick Skylark and has a tripod mounting surface the size of a dime.

    It may not be a practical lens for most purposes, but it's a lot of fun. Has anyone else tried this lens? Did you like it?
  2. (Apologies, BTW, for the noise level in the picture of the lens; it was a little dim in my living room for my old F30.)
  3. Bokeh Diem

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    Mar 14, 2010
    What a monster. I have a 300mm Minolta of that vintage but yours dwarfs it.

    They have their purposes. Try a 2X teleconverter on it LOL.

    Bokeh Diem
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  4. Brian S

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    Apr 11, 2009
    That is a Monster. I have the Zoom-Nikkor-C 80~200 F4.5, about the same vintage. It is much smaller and uses 52mm filters. Quite sharp, as good as the 200/4.

    The adapter to use an F-Mount lens arrived today. Only lens tried on the EP2 is the 55/1.2 so far.
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  5. Bokeh, hah! I actually just missed out on an auction for a Hexanon 50/1.7 (as recommended by Brian S.) with a 2x teleconverter. Now I'm sorry I didn't get it!