Displaying level gauge and ISO at the same time?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Krigskoen, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Krigskoen

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    Jun 10, 2015
    I'm using a E-M10 and can't seem to get the camera to display both the level gauges as well as the current ISO setting at the same time. When pressing the Info button and cycling through the views, the ISO seems to disappear when the level gauge view is active. This happens in both EVF and LV. I also tried the different EVF styles.
    Am I missing a setting somewhere? The Olympus menu's can be quite confusing :p

    Bonus question: What's the point of the Half Way Level setting? It doesn't seem to change anything..the level seems shows up when cycling through the views regardless of its on or off.
  2. alan1972

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    Jun 23, 2012
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    Alan Grant
    I don't think you are missing anything in the LV settings - at least I have also been unable to find any way of doing this.

    It is possible in the EVF though, at least with styles 1 and 2. I find that when using these styles, cycling through displays with the Info button and does not change the information displayed in the bottom panel below the picture frame. So when the level gauge is displayed overlaying the picture, I can still see ISO and WB in the bottom panel. I remember when I first got the E-M10 I thought style 3 was the nicest but gradually realised it was more limited in the information that can be displayed at one time, so ended up with style 1.

    The Half Way Level refers to a different level gauge. The manual helpfully refers to both as "the" level gauge without making clear that they are talking about a different display. This one only appears in the EVF and only with styles 1 and 2. If Half Way Level is On, when you half press the shutter button the EV Compensation gauge at the bottom of the screen changes to a level gauge. It is smaller than the "real" level gauge and indicates the horizontal level only, but it can still be useful - for example if you want to display the histogram and see a level gauge at the same time.

    I agree that all these combinations are quite confusing.
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  3. Krigskoen

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    Jun 10, 2015
    Ah, I must have missed that when trying the different EVF styles. I also enjoy the larger image in the style 3, but having both the level gauge and ISO would be quite useful. And your explanation of the "other" level gauge makes sense now..thanks :) That's exactly how I'm used to having the level displayed from my previous camera.
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