Disney On Ice Feb 6th 2016 @ Helsinki, Finland

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    Hello everyone. I just visited with my wife and our two kids for a very first time ever in Hartwall Arena Helsinki to see Disney On Ice 25th Anniversary tour.

    What I've heard the show should be awesome and I can now understand why. Our kids was so excited because Santa did give tickets into that show (especially our 5 years old daugter who is crazy about all Elsa stuff).

    This was actually also my very first time to shoot any kind of fast action and I think I succeed quite fine even our seats wasn't in optimal place to take photos and lighting was some times very difficult to handle. Still, most importat thing was the experience for our kids, it was priceless.

    Here is some pictures from the show. I have almost 1500 frames to edit so I'll be happy if I can get about 100 usable / printable shots. I think our kids do want some larger prints on their walls.

    Pictures aren't in chronological order.

    All shots with

    E-M1 + HLD-7
    40-150mm f/2.8
    S-Mode with Electronic Shutter
    ISO 1600

    All pictures will be / come into this album Disney On Ice 06022016 @ Helsinki, Finland

    Thank you for watching.

    AVA60109 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60118 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60178 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60195-2 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60229 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60230 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60312 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60440 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60469 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60572-2 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60728 by anttivarhe, on Flickr

    AVA60551-2 by anttivarhe, on Flickr
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