Different mounts for Konica Hexanon?

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by mxlin, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. mxlin

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    Hi, I noticed majority of Konica Hexanon lenses indicate AR mount, some with M (Leica), but a handful just says Konica Hexanon. Does anyone know if there is any difference to the AR or M mount?
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    This is a good guide to all things Hexanon :smile:
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  3. Warren T.

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    AR mount is Konica's proprietary lens mount for their now-defunct line of SLR gear. AR-mount Hexanons are inexpensive because the Konica 35m slr line has been discontinued since around the late-80's. Micro 4/3 adapters have given the old AR lenses a new lease on life :).

    M mount is Leica's bayonet mount for their M-series of rangefinder cameras. M-Hexanons are expensive relative to AR-Hexanons, but reasonably priced compared to M-Leica lenses.

    M-Hexanons were designed for Konica's Hexar-RF, a very nice rangefinder body that uses the Leica M-mount standard.

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