Did you hear about the mirror box flaring issue? (D750, mostly)

Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by Promit, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Promit

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    Promit Roy
    So here's the story of what is apparently happening:
    Apparently a lot of "lens" flare is actually generated internally by the DSLR mirror box, and that means the shaping of elements inside it can be reflected back on to the sensor. Go figure. It's not something that would stop me from buying the camera, but I find it interesting when the mirror box/OVF rigging has real engineering drawbacks compared to mirrorless designs. There's so many people out there on forums (cough dpr cough) holding up minor deficiencies or glitches as reasons that camera X could never be taken seriously - it's just fun to be on the dealing end sometimes ;) 

    But seriously, it's fascinating that some amount of image flaring isn't even from what we'd consider the normal optical path.
  2. fortwodriver

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    This has existed for decades. Flocking kits for cameras could be bought years ago because some really dumb engineers put shiny parts in the mirror box which, in turn, caused bizarre flare patterns in certain situations. Even when they smartened up and made everything flat-black, issues still occurred from time to time (mainly with very wide-angle lenses due to the massive scattering of light at the rear of the lens.

    It's extremely difficult to prevent it from happening.
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