Depth of field preview with GH3


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Mar 12, 2013
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I think I know that this isn't possible but....

Can I get my GH3 to just show depth of field preview?

The preview option also simulates shutter speed and its making it pretty useless for me in lower light. All I want is an idea of what the DoF will be - bit like if you use a manual lens and just stop down the aperture. If anyone has a solution that would be great.



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May 28, 2012
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Good only in the manual still mode (M on dial on top) or manual motion picture exposure mode with the dial on top set to movie icon:

Set CONSTANT PREVUE to ON. Found in the CUSTOM menu (wrench icon with "C") and while you're at it set EXPO.METER to ON so you get the meter readout on the center bottom of the screen. CONSTANT PREVUE displays exposure as well as DOF prevue at all times in Manual Exposure modes only. This will also show shutter speed motion blur at slow shutter speeds if you don't hold the camera still.

I just tried it with my GH3 and it works. These settings also work the same way on the GH2 and the GX7.


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Dec 22, 2009
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It sounds a bit like you're in manual mode with constant preview turned on. With constant preview off, you should be able to press the preview button once for DoF preview only, again for DoF+shutter speed simulation, and yet again to cycle back to no preview.

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