De-fished starscapes

Discussion in 'Astrophotography' started by wjiang, Mar 16, 2014.

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    So I went out and played around with my new Samyang 7.5 mm fish-eye in my neighbourhood park. It's not the most ideal place for light pollution, but I got some decent results anyway.
    As I tilted the camera upwards to get lots of sky in, de-fishing using the Transverse Mercator projection seemed to work well. Note that I played around with the colour balance, so colours are not accurate.

    f/3.5, 10s, ISO800:
    Crux by wl.jiang, on Flickr

    f/3.5, 5s, ISO800:
    Orion False Colour by wl.jiang, on Flickr

    f/3.5, 8s, ISO800:
    Orion by wl.jiang, on Flickr

    There's quite a bit of noise/NR mushiness going on here, as they were a bit underexposed to avoid star trails, and I had to lift the exposure to compensate. Next time I might just live with more trailing or try stacking multiple shots. Not sure whether DSS will handle fishy shots though...
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    Jan 9, 2014
    Great pics I quite like the interesting colors in the first 2. I just picked this lens up myself in the Bower variety and have been loving it so far. I haven't had a chance to take night shots with it yet due to clouds but hopefully soon. I'm not sure how DSS would handle the distortion a fisheye produces. I do know if you're stacking landscapes the foreground objects will be blurred if you want the stars aligned. You can make barndoor mounts for cheap that will allow you to compensate for this slightly if you want pin point stars and sharper landscapes. However for star trails I imagine you would have no problems stacking. Try not to have very long breaks between exposures or you will have odd looking breaks in the trails.

    Can't wait to get my fisheye out there.
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    Hey, how did you turn Orion upside down? :wink: Someday I hope to view the universe from your side of the planet.