DC coupler Micro-USB dummy battery for Olympus BLN-1 compatible with E-M1 E-M5 EP-5 I II

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    Hi everyone, I happened to wanted a Micro-USB dummy battery for my Olympus E-M5 ii. But there is limited option available on the market. So I went ahead make one by myself and have some spare parts here. I am willing to sell these out in case anyone need it, too. I did the modeling and circuitry myself. If you don't have the time to build one yourself, you may consider getting one from me.
    The case is 3D printed so please expect some non-ideal surface patterns.

    Compatible with cameras using Olympus BLN-1 battery such as: OMD E-M1, E-M5, EP-5, I, II.


    Can be used in combination with a portable charger, or a USB power supply to power up your Olympus camera for long time usage scenarios such as: Time Lapse, event shooting, Firework Photography, Slow Shutter Photography, or Star Photography.

    I believe nowadays a micro-usb based dummy battery is more useful than a DC port one as you can share the portable battery used by your cell phone! Hook up your powerful external battery and never worry about battery drain during your exposure again~!

    Input: Micro-USB port, 5V and 2A.
    Note: Your camera may not power up if your USB port canot provide >2 A of current.

    US buyer can go ahead place the order and I will try to ship it in 2-3 business day.
    International buyer please email me ([email protected]) to discuss about shipping cost before buying~!

    I used the Anker 10400 mAh portable battery as an example to connect to this dummy battery.

    Circuit designed base on the LM307 to ensure stable voltage output.

    Inserted into my E-M5 II. Note that you do break the waterproof of the camera in this case.

    Camera powered up by the dummy battery and the portable power

    Sample photo 1

    Sample photo 2

    Sample photo 3
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