Day trip to Tai O, Lantau Island, HK

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    Dec 26, 2010
    The last major stilt village in HK. Located in the extreme West of HK, it's closer to Macau than Central district. The HK government has tried it's best to lure the residents to live in nearby concrete towers but they have always stubbornly resisted. For now, apart from some improvements to river channel drainage, it is largely being left alone.

    The village has formed it's own vernacular, timber frame, galvanised metal sheeting, green or aluminium paint, aluminium windows. Organised in a completely organic way it's a refreshing change to straight lines and concrete of HK. Even the old 1920's police station has been turned in to a boutique hotel, last time I walked around there it was full of feral dogs and rusting metal desks.

    If you come to HK, Tai O is well worth a visit. Worth more to HK culturally than any Disney or shopping mall.







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