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    Hi everyone!

    I took a little trip to the SeaLife here in Helsinki with my camera in hopes of practicing with smaller subjects and seeing how well my lenses do pseudo-macro. My main quote of the day was "damn those rascals are fast!" The fish and all the fish-like creatures moved so fast out of focus, which was not helped by the fact that some of those aquariums were so dark that I was really pushing my equipment to the limits. I had to resort to ISO 3200 and F1.8 on a couple of occasions just to get 1/40th of shutter speed. My gear for the day was E-P5 with P14, O25, O45 and O75. In Flickr you can see the detailed specs if you are interested! I did the PP in Lightroom.

    In the end I was lucky, as the E-P5 stabilizer allowed me to use my O75 even at such a low speed! The biggest problem was the glass of the aquariums. If it was straight, it was ok. But if it was curved, the image got really distorted, especially with longer lenses! You can see the distortion starting even in straight glasses on the second picture: in the middle the tiny bubbles are round, but in the edges they get twisted. I noticed the issue when I was taking correctly exposed and focused photos with ISO 800 and the speed of 1/40 and the images were just horrible. After taking a few more shots and getting really confused, I tried the same shot through a different, straight glass and it was all good!

    All in all, my gear worked as I had predicted, but greater ISO performance would have made it easier (just as in any other camera every made). Even though these are not "real" macro images, it was fun to practice it and maybe some day I'll get a proper macro lens!

    19411308333_f1e170bfe0_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-55 by Matias L, on Flickr

    20006006926_6f8ee3ce82_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-118 by Matias L, on Flickr

    19409648374_e93ff8f138_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-138 by Matias L, on Flickr

    20006006146_60f9d19ae8_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-288 by Matias L, on Flickr

    20037554981_99ca1bc044_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-326 by Matias L, on Flickr

    20032285065_8117407258_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-361 by Matias L, on Flickr

    19845627609_f85f497171_b.jpg Netti-SeaLife-380 by Matias L, on Flickr

    All feedback is very welcome! :)
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