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Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by Geos, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Geos

    Geos Mu-43 Rookie

    Jan 12, 2013
    Just wondering how G3 users are customizing the settings. I leave the Fn1 & Fn2 buttons on default but I'm not sure how to use the C1 & C2 dial settings. I use adapted lenses a lot so I'm wondering if it could be useful for that. Thanks.
  2. garfield_cz

    garfield_cz Mu-43 Veteran

    Jul 9, 2011
    Czech Republic
    The only benefit would be assigning AE lock on one fn. Button.
  3. Cruzan80

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    Aug 23, 2012
    Denver, Co
    Sean Rastsmith
    I have the two custom settings set as C1 A ISO 160, C2-1 M ISO 160, C2-2 A ISO 1600, C2-3 M ISO 1600. I also have the Fn1 button set to either AE lock (for A), or preview (for M). This lets me keep the A/M settings on some in-between ISO, which are the two I use predominantly (also use adapted lens 60+% of the time). What I would love is to be able to change the video record button to handle another option, like cycling thru metering modes (usually left on spot metering).
  4. rich.smith

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    Dec 21, 2011
    I use the c1 dial to set B&W mode. I use the Fn1 button for AF lock and the Fn2 button for flash exposure compensation. Haven't set up the other custom settings dial.
  5. Timos L

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    Dec 26, 2011
    Athens, Greece
    Timos :)
    I use the C1 to have low resolution jpegs, so that I can shoot panoramas. Although I normally shoot RAW, there's no benefit to shoot RAW in panoramas and there's also no benefit for me to stitch huge files. Therefore, when I want to shoot panoramas I just swap to C1 and then back to my usual A mode.

    The C2, I have it programmed to the lowest ISO and IS off so that I can shoot night long exposures.
  6. Al.

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    Jul 3, 2010
    Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
    C 1 have set up for B/W, C2 for auto bracketing, 3 shots 1+ stop 1- stop.

    the fn buttons , I find are totally in the wrong place, find it impossible to push them with camera to the eye
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