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    AS I sit at my computer tonight - I notice a beautiful streak of light coming in our kitchen door that opens onto the rugged streets in Leon, Nicaragua - displaying wonderful patterns on our handmade dining table. I wanted to try a still life natural window/door light shot NOW.

    My wife had just purchased some jewelry to take home to Canada to the women in our family - and so I asked her to take it out of storage. As we are setting the table, Anne moves the 2 water glasses, but I stop her in her tracks after I noticed the beautiful effect they created on the wood as the sunlight steamed through them.

    Unfortunately, just as the table was set up, and I went to get my camera - the sun tucked below the roofs of the houses across the street. We lifted the heavy table and moved it into a slight;y more favourable spot to catch as much light as possible.

    I hunted for something to kick light back in on the shadow side, and then noticed my silver coloured Macbook Air. Anne held that in place as I captured these couple of shots taken with my Olympus Pen E-PL3 and 14-42 kit lens, at 1,000 ISO - f5.6 @ 1/10'th second handheld. Processed in Lightroom 5 with my Basic Nica Preset that I use for the grungy look of my travel images.

    © 2013 Robert Watcher

    © 2013 Robert Watcher

    All in all I took about 5 minutes to setup the shot and capture it. Then about 5 minutes in Lightroom to process. Could I have benefited from better light by thinking about it 15 minutes earlier? Yes. Could I have benefited from shooting at a closed down aperture for more depth of field? Yes. Could I have benefited from the use of a tripod? For sure. But this is what I had to work with and I got my still life natural window/door light shot NOW. :D

    Before the sun and light dropped, I took this shot from the doorway of the setup with water glasses and Macbook for reflector where you can see how much light it kicked back into the scene.

    © 2013 Robert Watcher
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    Creative and beautiful - great photos!