Custom Camera Bag from Etsy

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by klee, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Mar 20, 2013
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    I just received a custom camera bag from my wife for Fathers' Day, and I'm quite excited. It's perfect for my OMD kit, 3 additional lenses, and all the filters/adapters I need and the obligatory iPad. I may even sew some loops under the lid to secure my gorillapod.

    Its nice and deep, deep enough for a long legacy telephoto like my Hexanon 80-200. But not impossibly deep that I have to stack things to maximize utility. Although I did decide to set one partition diagonally so I can stack 2 lenses with quick access to the bottom one.

    Its made of goat skin so it's very light weight. I can't wait to take it out!

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    Looks nice. Care to plug the seller?
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