Curious about what causes this URSA 4.6k problem


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Sep 15, 2012
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Over the weekend I was on location with my own Panasonic GH4 set up with a Ronin M which I used alongside another person using the URSA 4.6k on a shoulder rig.

We had a lot of high humidity and high heat index (up over 100 index, with high 90s actual temperature) few hours outside, as well as some inside the historical society which had no AC either. Which course seemed like it would be too much for equipment if I was already dying on set.

Anywho, towards the latter half of the day as we were getting ready to film the last two scenes his LCD on the URSA goes purple, almost looking like a faux color filter which would shift to blue when you stopped down the lens, sort of a solarized look.

He didn't know what happened, and didn't seem to affect the footage, and I'm assuming it's fine now as he just told me he finished filming earlier today for the show he does.

But I basically said it probably overheated as I had to switch over to tripod as well since the Ronin would also just suddenly give up (with the motors being hot even with a well balanced configuration, and no rough handling). But I'm wondering if that purple/blue LCD is indicative of another issue.

We did end up finishing the filming with my own camera, which seemed like we used for over 70% of the final footage.

I was also surprised to learn that he never turned off the URSA the whole day, it was on the moment it went into the trunk for the trip to the site at 6 in the morning, until he finally turned it off around 5~6pm. I imagine that may have contributed to the symptoms.

He used my GH4 set up a couple times during the filming when I wanted to give my arms a break and seems to like it a lot more than his URSA (he went from using a BMPCC to the Ursa 4.6k, and also a RED from his work). But I found it confusing that when he used it, that he wanted me to configure it for autofocus (AFC) which I advised against but managed to do with, sans some of the clips that were clearly not focusing where you want it.

(on a side note I'm guessing the URSA doesn't have profiles/looks unless you load them as I was trying to find something close to the equivalent of Cinelike-D to match up with my camera for editing since I'm the only one editing the results).
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