Crop Factor Video Comparison and explanation - Yes or nay?


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Jul 7, 2010
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To the community :

What do you think about this video explaining sensor size differences?

This video recently has been around some major photography websites (looks like the guy is advertising is business and trying to sell his crappy e-Books).
The video is trying to explain and compare different sensors and results from it (35mm vs APC-s vs 43)

Although it has all the correct "math" the reviewer seems to me extremely bias has he continuously refers to bokeh as "image quality" ?????.
I'm a Canon 5D M2 shooter has well as a Olympus e-M5 and Sony Nex 6N and this video is crap by comparing it from my own personal experience by far as 2 years now.

He doesn't take into account "lens quality", sensor technology, jpeg vs raw, image stabilization, etc.

I think this kind of video publicity in such major sites is dangerous because it makes amateur consumers lean towards bigger sensors by stating bluntly that bigger is always better regardless of what sensor it is and what you put in front of it just by saying bokeh = quality.

I think AbelCine explanation of crop sensors ( is a much better one, and a "live one" - not using side by side pictures that had clearly different light setups, models with different expressions, etc.

If you feel like me and that this video is biases please reply on those sites (and give you opinio here to) as i think this makes a bad impression on people new to photography and looking for an advance camera.

Best regards.

p.s - sorry for the bad english, it's not my native tongue.


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Nov 25, 2012
(btw your english is fine, no need to apologize)

This topic has been done to death, but you are right. He fails to take into account sensor technology, image stabilisation, lens quality wide open and the down sides of shallow DOF.


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May 20, 2013
I don't remember where I saw the graph, but it basically showed depth of field for different sensors, even with equivalent (e.g. 25mm m4/3, 35mm APS-C, 50mm FF) lenses. The main takeaway was that you get much more significant "dropoff" in depth of field--that is, things more immediately go out of focus--with a larger format. The foreground blur will be almost identical between a 25mm 1.4 on m4/3 and 50mm 2.8 on FF, but the background of the m4/3 shot will have more in focus. I suspect this has more to do with the difference in actual focal length (as per Ming Thein's explanation for why it's not a big deal that medium format lenses rarely exceed f2.8) than anything else.

And if the Nocticron is the only aspherical lens without the onion effect, that's a win regardless of sensor size. Otherwise we'd all be better off with an X-T1 and 56mm 1.2 for the same money :p


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Feb 15, 2011
The effect of crop factor has been discussed literally thousands of time on here and other forums. Actually, every forum has had it done to death.

So called experts or shills or whoever never seem to accept that there are major advantages and also some disavantages of using a Crop Sensor vs. FF. Bokeh (shallow depth of field) is such a small small small part of the disadvantage side of a crop sensor camera. Is it one.. yes. But in many ways, the m43 DOF 2-stop loss can also be seen as an advantage too..

The biggest disadvantage of a crop sensor is more to do with the fact that a FF sensor captures 4x more light (m43) on the sensor which was a major advantage years gone by.. but now sensor tech has matured a lot some m43 sensor this gen are better then some FF ones, especially a 2-3yr old+ FF sensor.

Also, the additional size simply can allow more pixels (not going go into smaller pixels vs. larger ones) so you can get more resolution without getting into additional noise simply do to real estate of a sensor 4x larger. So if you had a sensor with pixels of the same size, efficiency etc... you could have an image of 4x the resolution (over simplification obviously)..

It's hard to shot Bokeh and it's use is way overdone and poorly done (composition) usually so it's really a non-issue for probably 90% of the photography.. yet it can lead to significant discussion and arguments online. That said, m43s can take some really nice Bokeh with 1.8 or faster lens.

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