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I got hired to shoot video for an up and coming rock cover band here in Atlanta this past weekend. While I was shooting video on the GH3, I popped the 35-100 Panny on my GF3 and started taking some stills. The setting was in a brewery with almost no lighting for the band and only had window light to work with. I immediately decided to shoot BW because of the strong light contrast and high ISO.

I was pretty happy how well the video came out at 2500 ISO from the GH3. I am still processing it but also started working on the photos while waiting for my color grading on the video to process in PS. Here's one of the first ones from the bunch shot at ISO 3200, run through DXO Optics Pro, Topaz DeNoise, and LR for final tweaks. I added a bit of grain back in LR because the noise reduction started to make it a bit plastic looking and wanted the old BW film look. More to come...

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Jan 14, 2012
I'd say the GH3 + 35-100 2.8 should be able to deliver a bit more crisp than in these shots, especially at only ISO 3200. The light must have been really terrible?