Featured Corsica in november [image heavy]

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  1. SojiOkita

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Hello everyone.
    I made a little trip to Corsica last year, mainly around Ajaccio.
    The main purpose of the trip was not photography, but I took my complete m43 set with me as I always do... there are always nice sunsets near Ajaccio in this time of year (landscapes colors are better around april/may)

    The whole album is here on flickr:
    Corse 2017

    Start of the trip from Marseille:
    Port de Marseille
    by JC, sur Flickr

    A little walk on the mountains:
    Les crêtes
    by JC, sur Flickr

    with a nice view over Ajaccio city:
    by JC, sur Flickr

    I've stayed in Ajaccio lots of times, and always wanted to do a shot of the sunset centered on the lighthouse of the Sanguinaires islands... but it wasn't the right time, the right weather, or I wasn't at the right place.
    Last year, this was the right time and I found the right place... I became a little obsessed by this, and my first attempts were not successful:

    Weather was perfect, but it was 2 days too early:
    Coucher de soleil sur les Sanguinaires
    by JC, sur Flickr

    Clouds appeared just before the right moment:
    25608944677_3f369d7357_h.jpg Coucher de soleil sur les Sanguinaires by Julien Capitaine, sur Flickr

    On my fourth or fifth attempt, no clouds near the horizon.
    There was a lot of light difference between the sun and the island, more than the days before... and I had a very hard time achiveving correct focus.
    It became a little stressful, because I didn't want to miss the shot, but I also wanted to see the scenes with my own eyes... not through the viewfinder.

    A few minutes before:
    Coucher de soleil sur les Sanguinaires
    by JC, sur Flickr

    And finally the shot I wanted:
    39769536014_46d6a00635_h.jpg Coucher de soleil sur les Sanguinaires by JC, sur Flickr
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  2. SojiOkita

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Then we want to my grandmother's home village a little further in the moutains:
    L'Eglise d'Azzana
    by JC, sur Flickr

    On the ridge, we could still see the sunset in the sea:
    Coucher de soleil à Campu Mujanu
    by JC, sur Flickr

    Back in Ajaccio, to enjoy some of the local food:
    Marché d'Ajaccio
    by JC, sur Flickr

    by JC, sur Flickr

    La citadelle d'Ajaccio
    by JC, sur Flickr

    38668161270_2c89de7261_h.jpg Ajaccio by JC, sur Flickr

    In the other side of Ajaccio's gulf, near Porticcio:
    Mare e Sole
    by JC, sur Flickr

    Ajaccio harbour at night:
    Le port d'Ajaccio
    by JC, sur Flickr

    And then, time to go home...
    by JC, sur Flickr
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  3. Hypilein

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Your last sunset shot is really nice. Also, I hope you bought some Salami there. That stuff is usually very nice.
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  4. SojiOkita

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Yes, I brought back some nice food (saucisson, lonzu, coppa, and more) and also some wine.
    Lots of nice things to eat and drink on the island...
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  5. Really beautiful photos.
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  6. Nam-in-Sonoma

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    Aug 23, 2012
    Penngrove, CA
    Beautiful set @SojiOkita@SojiOkita. I went there for my 20 year old, big deal in France as you know, 35 years ago when I used to live in France. Love "Île de Beauté."
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  7. jmax

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    May 22, 2012
    The two sunset pictures are stunning, but I think that "minutes before" is perfect, with this little ship.
    Thank you for introducing us Corsica, very beautiful place
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  8. wonglp

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    Feb 28, 2011
    Glad that you persevered and got the timely shot with great sunset, love the other shots too!
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  9. coffeecat

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    Aug 4, 2012
    SW England
    Fantastic set! I especially like the market picture.
  10. Sam0912

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Wow I love that, amazing shots, particularly the nailed sunset - but it both hurts and motivates me! I went on a little island hop holiday in Greece couple of years ago, basing ourselves in Crete and hiring a car to explore Crete and also using the excellent ferries for santorini and some other smaller islands. We went to the top of a mound full of ruins in Crete (near Heraklion), and the sun set behind a distant building which from our viewpoint looked like a pyramid. The sun was centred (briefly) exactly over the top of the “pyramid”.....I’d left my camera and phone in the hotel :dash2: went back a few times but obviously it didn’t line up again - as I love the Greek islands so much though, I don’t really need any excuse to return
  11. AdamC

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    Dec 15, 2017
    That sunset shot deserves to be printed and displayed. Very nice.