correcting orange cast using iPhoto only


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Apr 26, 2014
Hello, all,

I am writing this in case it will be useful to any posters here who are stuck using iPhoto and have orange casts in their evening and night images. I have found sort of a remedy. (This will be infra dig. to most experienced imagers here who use LightRoom or something similar)

I shoot only JPEG, to save processing time.

I use an Oly EM 10 and before that used a Canon G!X

My digital images with the Oly and Canon, have an unpleasant orange color cast in the nighttime shots, Rome for example, and this caste lowers contrast and obscures detail.

I know LightRoom will remove them but I am loathe to learn a new program when I only want to accomplish one thing, remove a color cast. Also I am very busy and don't have the time to spare.

I thought of Aperture, which has the advantage of using the iphoto library rather than creating a new library but Apple is discontinuing Aperture.

The best I have accomplished is this: I click on Edit, then on Adjust, I find evening shots with grey paved streets, in Rome for example, and use that paving stones as neutral color, and correct the image by clicking the color adjustment cross symbol on the pavement. Then I click on copy. When I come to another orange cast image, I hit Edit, Adjust, and then Paste. Once in a while I also have to adjust a slider, but rarely.

This does a very good job, depending of course on which image I used to get the initial grey neutral reading. I find that when I quit iPhoto, and call it up the next day, the saved grey reading is still there.

I save the original criterion image, from which I got the grey neutral reading, in a folder in iPhoto so I can get to it again if I need to copy it. In fact I have a couple saved so I have a bit of flexibility in which grey reading I copy .



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Mar 4, 2014
Boulder, CO
"orange cast" is the wrong color balance.
You can prevent by setting custom color balance when you shoot pictures - read camera manual for more details...
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