Corona Virus has slowed me but not stopped me.


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Jun 30, 2013
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I follow the guidelines, of course, for the Virus safety because I am old and in the compromised health area. We are in a shutdown but can still go to do necessary business which has been defined in very generous terms. One of the essential areas which we can do is go outside as long as we observe the rules of washing hands, staying at least 6 feet apart and being in groups of 10 or less. My wife, whose studio has been not declared to be essential has been closed for the last week. We took our two dogs, Sissy, a little Chihuahua and Pete, my lovable mix and we drove not far from home to a place where it is hard to find 10 people in a mile or more. It is a place that is near to our hearts. It is not a seaside place since we have no sea. It is not mountains since we have no mountains but it is a bunch of hills over 100 miles long in the middle of the plains called the Flint Hills.

We have been coming here for years to let our dogs run like the wind and they love it. Unfortunately, in the time we have been coming to the hills, we have lost 3 of our dachshund family members and one is buried here. She had major back surgery and we thought she would not walk but she proved us wrong and walked slower than normal but could run like the wind. She did this every time we came here. We visit her grave often and while it is not well marked, we know where it is.

Yesterday, my wife who was her best friend of the dog does as she always does and sits next to the little gully where a stream runs and close to where Liesl is buried and remembers. My first picture is of my wife just pondering missing her friend while my mix Pete, sneaks up on her. The rest just shows the place where she watches the seasons change, listens to the wind and watches the hills come alive in the sun. It is an eerie place since it is so desolate and a place that causes you to seem to mix with the earth itself. It is not the most beautiful place on earth and as it starts to turn green, it has a brown sameness which is also soothing. Some of the pastures had been burnt to promote new growth and there was a pall of smoke which made the distant hills look bluish.

I have traveled literally all around the world, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Former eastern bloc countries, North and South America but I have yet to find any place that calms me as much as this place.
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Jan 7, 2020
Wild West Wales
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I'm quite taken with this posting.
OK, it may not be the most beautiful and awe inspiring scenery that we often see on these pages, but it must have a special atmosphere for you and your wife to feel so restful, calm and at peace there.
And long may it continue.

But do me one favour..........clean that rear windscreen sometime soon on the off chance that someone does come up behind you. :rolleyes:

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