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    So I went back to my Alma Mater this past week for my 10th reunion, and had a blast. While I didn't take a bunch of photos the second half of the time I was there, the first two days I got a fair amount of time to photograph, which made me happy as I hadn't been a photographer when I was a student. My morning shoots were mostly landscape stuff, as Ithaca has tons of waterfalls and gorges...but I took some night shots my first night back and got some decent images:

    WWI Memorial:

    Law Library:

    McGraw Tower by Moonlight:

    Sage Chapel:

    And this is a repost of a shot I've already shown here, but I was finally able to reprocess it properly on my home machine, so it's much improved, IMO:
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    "Far above Cayuga's waters,
    Glorious to view..."

    Great shots! Glad to see the work of a fellow alumna...

    my iPhone sent this
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    Great shots! Brings back some memories (I finished just a little before you.)
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