Convergence -- OR -- Downscale Aspirations

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by entropicremnants, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Jul 16, 2012
    John Griggs
    I know, the title makes no sense. But it will.

    I've gone through quite a lot of "changes" since I got my first :43: camera. From the first E-PL1 I had I've had E-Px PEN bodies, E-M5, E-PL5, and various "G's" from Panasonic. When I bought the E-M5 it was cutting edge and still pretty much is for compact systems. But it's design didn't suit me and the shiny sensor frustrated me with the best ultrawide the Panny 7-14mm.

    So I bought "downscale" and moved into the G5 which has suited me the best of all the mft cameras I've owned so far. I have a GX1 which so satisfies my "small" needs that my LX7 is getting sold.

    I bought a bargain GH1 for $200 to shoot video and that really pushed me over the edge and I've become a real GH fan. It's the two AF rotary switches on the GH2 -- real switches -- to change the way AF works including moving instantly in and out of face recognition without a menu dive. Add to that a drive mode switch and you've really got my attention. I truly miss real CONTROLS. When my daughter traded her old G1 back to me for a G3 I bought for her, I was already thinking, "Dang, I like this camera" when I used the G1.

    I've found myself wanting to use the GH1 over the G5 but I've stopped myself, lol.

    Now the GH1 will go on the block (selling on the board here sometime tomorrow) and I've purchased a GH2 from KEH. With the same basic quality as the G5 I already like, and those external controls... wow. It seems I'm going to be happy as a clam shooting older used gear. I'd look into a GH3 but a) I don't want to spend a lot of money and b) I don't want another extra-shiny sensor.

    So I think I'm finally converging on something and it makes me realize some truths.

    • I can bring technique to shooting that for the most part makes the absolute quality of the sensor less important. Techniques like photo-realistic HDR and/or very careful exposure allow me to wring a lot of of these slightly older cameras.
    • Handling is really the most important thing to me and I'm too old school to really be comfortable with too much menu-driven stuff. I want to stay in the viewfinder and change up FAST. It's not an absolute for sure, but lots of controls that can be drilled with until I have them down and can make adjustments without thinking -- that's the ticket for me. Programmable buttons and setting memories are great and I like them... but I still want real dedicated controls.
    So, as it turns out, I'm going to be shooting a GH2 and G5 with the GX1 as my "small" camera. It doesn't hurt for me that the GH2 and G5 use the same battery -- I like that also. The lack of more real controls is my only niggling complaint about the G5 really -- but the GH2 doesn't have that feature to use the touchscreen to select exact autofocus points (when using the viewfinder, that is) so that will be my small complaint with the GH2 now.

    I think the GH series are a marvel of capturing professional levels of control in a relatively inexpensive body -- especially used. I'm settling comfortably behind the state-of-the-art curve and very much looking forward to shooting with the GH2 a lot more.

    There are things I wish I'd really been aware of -- both about the cameras AND myself -- when I started this whole journey. I would have wasted considerably less money, lol.
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    Great that you've found a machine that works for you John. Can be a long process however and not helped by the number of options available, especially if one is willing to try other formats then the options are almost infinite. Still though, when you do find a camera you just 'click' with then its a pretty great feeling. Loved the GF1...I appreciate and respect the OMD without loving it...but lately I'm head over heals with the GR.

    Different strokes for different folks...whatever makes the process more enjoyable and rewarding, that's what matters.
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    Glad it's worked out for you John. You seem to have followed a logical path.

    When I had the Gh2 I never had problems using the touchscreen to select a focus point. I preferred the pressure touch screen on it to the one on the EM5.

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    Sep 1, 2012
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    John I am currently looking for an additional body since my daughter started shooting and "took" my G5 and my G2 has a defect in the sensor which limits the composition I can shot. I was looking at the OMD but did not like it 'feel", I like the G5 but missing the manual control that the G2 have. Since I am not a video shooter I do not want to pay the premium prices of the GHx.
    I am considering getting a GX1 as a bridge camera, but lack of EVF limit it use under the sunny middle east skies, and the LVF it too costly, so I better get an additional G5.
    I wish that Panasonic or Olympus will bring out a camera with lots of manual control at a decent price.
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    Sep 5, 2010

    I've done something similar with cameras, (just retro-ed back to only one body).

    And for the first time in digital history, I've set a function button on the '3', to activate the Digital zoom to 2x! :eek: ( I know it's digital heresy. But, is it so much different, than adding a multiplier behind a lens? I never liked that idea, because of the loss in quality.) Gona' try it for a bit for occasional need to "reach out".

    And, I have done so, with lenses. I have an old Vivitar 24mm F2.8 in OM mount, that I've had for several years. It is a massive piece of glass. And when combined with adapter, just looks ridiculous on a pen body. It makes the Pens heavy and cumbersome, in form. But this old glass just delivers! And, after several AF lenses have come and gone, it is back on my E-p3. It has "graced" the E-p1, E-p2, G1, G3, and a few of the E-xxx series. And it has taken more pictures, than all my m43 AF lenses together. That, with a Pentax-M 50mm F1.7 and a junk 80-200, is my arsenal for now. I do crave a Panasonic 20mm, but not too handicapped with my current setup. And I am very comfortable with the operation of the combinations.

    Eventually, we hope move into our comfort zone. Over 50 years, and I'm real close. :smile: