Contax G user switching to 4/3rds

Discussion in 'Welcomes and introductions' started by Hudson, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hudson

    Hudson Mu-43 Rookie

    May 20, 2013
    Just bought the OMD and an accompaniment of lenses, after waiting many years to find the right digital camera that feels like my Contax G2. Luckily, I can use the 45 and 90mm Contax G lenses with a Kipon adapter.

    I looked hard at the GH3, but a salesman convinced me to look harder at the OMD. Glad I made the choice, and I am loving the camera. Looking forward to shooting.
  2. juangrande

    juangrande Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Dec 2, 2012
    By all accounts, the GH3 is a top notch body, but if your shooting your contax lenses, the in body stabilization (IBIS) of the Olympus is very handy! Welcome.:drinks:
  3. barbosas

    barbosas Mu-43 Veteran

    May 7, 2013
    Hi and welcome, I also have a Contax G2 plus a 28 and the 90, love them for shooting b&w film.
  4. With_Eyes_Unclouded

    With_Eyes_Unclouded Mu-43 All-Pro

    Apr 17, 2012
    Congrats! Indeed the OMD is closer to the ethos of your Contax than any other :43: camera and any other camera, period, excepting the X-Pro1/X-E1. I think you'll be delighted by the photographic experience it will provide and, in this forum, people have shown extraordinary results with adapted Contax G legacy glass.
  5. RT_Panther

    RT_Panther Mu-43 Legend

    May 4, 2011
    Welcome to the club (note that I still have my G1 kit too) :smile:
  6. Hudson

    Hudson Mu-43 Rookie

    May 20, 2013
    The ability to reuse my old G lenses was a big factor in the :43 purchase. Personally love how most of the key commands are also on a dial or assignable to a button. Makes shooting so much easier.

    Thing I need to get used to is the difference b/t digital vs. film focal lengths. A 21MM on the Contax produced a very different image than the digital equivalent. My "eye" loved the 28mm Contax lens, whereas I find the current 12mm M.Zuiko digital lens the closest.

    The downside of the Contax lens is that everything is manual, and the focus ring of the adaptor is not smooth and doesn't lend itself as well. But shooting portraits or video (e.g. interviews, b-roll) is probably the best use of these vintage lenses.

    Definitely love the community here, reminds me of the Contax G community too. Very helpful, supportive, and encouraging.
  7. Fmrvette

    Fmrvette This Space For Rent

    May 26, 2012
    Detroit, Michigan
    Welcome aboard!



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