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For those with Contax G lenses, or contemplating getting some, he's an adapter that may be of interest, as it has a full focussing ring rather than the wheel on most adapters (scroll down about halfway): GƒrƒIƒSƒ“28mm‚ª–³‰ü‘¢‚ÅŽg‚¦‚é! - ƒfƒWƒJƒ￾Watch.

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Also, these look like they accommodate the 28mm with its deep element (scroll to bottom): ƒRƒ“ƒ^ƒbƒNƒXGƒŒƒ“ƒY‚ðƒ}ƒCƒNƒ￾ƒtƒH￾[ƒT￾[ƒYƒ{ƒfƒB‚ÉŽæ‚è•t‚¯‚éƒAƒ_ƒvƒ^￾[￾@presented by ƒJƒ￾ƒ‰‚Ì‹ÉŠy“°

I can't help with the translation and ease of availability, but maybe someone else can do so.




Oz, great find, I cant understand it either but it does look like the adapter may take the 28mm. Could be an alternative to the existing adapters. I think it would be worth posting this on the DPI thread as I think there will be a lot of people interested on there.


Google translator is sort of useful. Looks like the 28mm can only be used on the Oly. No idea on prices or how to get one though.

Body: Pen Olympus E-P1 (White)
Lens: Carl Zeiss Biogon T * 28mm F2.8 G
Mount Adapter: CoYo Contax G Mount Adapter
Strap: Artisan & Artist ACAM-280 (Gray)
Bonded leather kit: Aki-Asahi E-P1 kit for leather color paste (Aiboririzado)
Damages resulting from reading this article made ※ The editorial Watch digital camera, and Sawamura Tetsu manufacturer, purchased a shop in this document. The digital camera and Sawamura Tetsu Watch editors are questions to answer individual inquiries about the article can not be.
Ever since the introduction of Micro, resurrected in several heavy-handed digital lens. Among them, the resurrection of Contax G lenses can say even shocking. The AF Contax G rangefinder is a unique school model. Controls for focusing on the body, not the lens focus ring. Micro 29mm flange while longer, and the focus adjustment mechanism in the adapter 組Mi込Manaku should. Therefore, the product of truly believed I was not difficult.

Which is G Biogon T * F2.8 28mm, L Leica M mount was modified to use a popular type. With the advent of this adapter, the modification can be used without G Biogon T * 28mm. This is a great advantage. Cutting from the open well, striking bright color and high contrast. Enjoy the taste and wide-angle lens blur, however, that the price of 20,000 yen is a bargain price used. Lightroom is a RAW examples are taken to develop straight.

Hall has been sold CoYo Contax cameras made in heaven G adapter, it's not possible products. This adapter has two prominent features. One is that it first rotary. Early Adapter Contax G dial was adopted. There is a small dial on the side adapter to adjust the lens focus gear Turn it. Necessary and sufficient features, however, once you want to move from near infinity, a small dial shuffle slowly. The adapter is rotated rotary outer ring as the focus has been a significant improvement in usability. Helicoid is not smooth enough, but much smoother compared with the focus dial. Champagne and gold tone color scheme also has good compatibility with the lens is.

The second is "G Biogon T * 28mm F2.8" but are ready. Traditional products, Contax G lens 35mm, 45mm, 90mm was the only response. System wide-angle lens so that the ball protrudes guard after it failed to install. Some users cut Biogon 28mm F2.8 lens guards had forcibly attached to the middle. This is the world experienced a high threshold, even layer.

This adapter that point, and only Olympus Micro Machine Biogon T * 28mm F2.8 G can be attached on the unmodified. Because the design is somewhat thin, fit well to focus at infinity to close problems. However, there is a restriction that with the lens attached to the body from the adapter to be sure. Because it appeared to be familiar with the detachable camera paradise hall website, you will be safe and have a look at the time of purchase.

CoYo latest adapter made have been obtained prior to spread quickly. Combined with Olympus 28mm Biogon body has allowed only to wear.
★ CoYo latest adapter \ 24,800 -
Panasonic compatible ◇ P35mm, P45mm, S90mm
Olympus support ◇ B28mm, P35mm, P45mm, S90mm
*** *** For details please as soon as possible ◆ little stock, click here


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Mar 10, 2010
I believed I had the same adapter off the bay last month when the price just dropped. The turn of the adapter is not smooth when the lens mounted but not too bad for MF, better than regular small wheel one. The built doesn't feel solid enough to last. If they improved it to ball ball baring that would be nice.

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