Consumer Reports STILL loves the Olympus E-5

Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by DeeJayK, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I was thumbing through a copy of the July 2013 issue of Consumer Reports magazine last night when I noticed something that struck me as a bit odd. They had the Olympus E-5 (Four Thirds) listed as their second highest scoring DSLR:


    Now CR is never going to be the first place I look for cutting-edge camera reviews, but they do base their ratings primarily on objective measurements rather than subjective "feelings". I just found it interesting given the rate of innovation in the industry that a 12 MP camera that was introduced more than two years ago would still be sitting so near the top of the heap. Then as I dug into a bit more, I noticed that all of their top four DSLR were introduced in late 2010 - early 2011, so perhaps they just haven't looked at the segment lately.
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    Sean Rastsmith
    I have found Consumer Reports to be woefully lacking in electronic innovations. People would come into where I worked all the time, asking about printers and computers that had been replaced by a newer model (usually at least 6 months ago). They just don't seem to go to print fast enough, or don't product test cutting edge designs.
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    This is resolutely true. Their type of long-term, controlled environment testing doesn't really lend itself to the quicker product cycles in the electronics industry. I would definitely follow their advice when it comes to things like appliances, lawnmowers and suncreen, but not so much on electronics.
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