Completely satisfied with m4/3 over APS-C (even for sports)


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Mar 30, 2014
I know there's always going to be people who find the differences in RAW files between larger sensor cameras and m4/3 sensor cameras to be too different to suite them. To each their own and more power to them! I hope they find the artistic tool they're looking for (but to be honest I'm pretty sure they never will).

I haven't completely eliminated my Canon APS-C equipment but I'm now down to the 7D + 200mm f2.8 prime and the E-M1. I rented a Fuji X-T1 to see if the hype about the sensor and autofocus was correct. I found it was just that: hype. The images from the Fuji are really great images, don't get me wrong. But the sluggish continuous autofocus and several of the eccentricities of the user experience turned me off. I decided to go the E-M1 route as a complement to my GX7 and, to be brutally honest, have found less and less need for the GX7 now that I have the E-M1.

There's some things about the E-M1 I don't like (the play button is too recessed in my opinion in the same way that the directional pad on the back of the X-T1 is hard to press). The AF is great but it's still contrast detect for the lenses I use (I have a 4/3 zoom I haven't used in anger yet and I'm honestly wondering if I ever will). The menus are not as intuitive in my opinion as the Panasonic's, either.

I've been switching back and forth at football games between the Oly and the Canon. It's hard to carry the 7D beast around my neck when the Oly is so lightweight. But I still need the reach of the 200 (which becomes ~300 on the 7D). But the E-M1 with 75mm lens is no slouch either. I've been able to capture both fantastic portraits and great action shots with that medium telephoto (150mm on m4/3). Although the keeper rate is probably lower than with my 7D, it's still a good system and the portraits are just fantastic. The 75mm lens is everything it's cracked up to be and is IMO a must have for anyone taking portraits or just needing a little reach.

Primes are where it's at and I'm going to be selling off any zoom lens. Sure it's handy to be able to adjust on the fly. There's times I completely miss a shot because the action comes too close to my 200mm and I can't switch to the Oly fast enough. But a little preparedness goes a long way and putting myself in the right spot means I don't have to be lazy and depend on the lens to do my work for me. Here's a couple shots from last night's Homecoming game. The portrait of the Homecoming Queen is my favorite. That 75mm lens is just a beauty. The action shot isn't bad either, even though it's at 1600 ISO and those stadium lights always create a harsh lighting situation very similar to direct sun during the day. I don't understand what other people are complaining about regarding the noise of m4/3 sensors. The E-M1 outperforms my APS-C 7D in that regard. It's fixable in post and what isn't doesn't really hurt the image in the end.

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All these cameras are great these days. There isn't a bad one among the lot. The E-M1 is probably better than the rest in overall usefulness and quality but the IQ of each camera is way more than our skills as photographers can likely make use of.


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May 2, 2012
I don't doubt the em1 would have better ISO control than the Canon 7d. 7d never had very good noise control compared to a 60d, 70d and up coming 7dmk2.

If Landing the shot is important a dslrs Is hard to beat. the latest lens revisions from Canon are virtually like a prime lens quality in a zoom lens. that makes a huge difference to my printer output to client. Micro 43 can benefit with a 300 dpi low resolution print and that is a great crutch many photographers appreciate.

I'm satisfied with my micro 43. on the other hand I will carry heavier gear to achieve more reliable focus and higher keeper rates. I urged you to look into buying a spider holster. I used to lug a 1d mark 3, 8 hours a day 3 days straight with no problems.


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Jan 31, 2011
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The EF 200mm f2.8 was my go to lens on my 5DII for cyclocross racing, theatre work and portraits (when I had the working space). I had a hard time letting it go but as you mentioned, tired of the size weight. This cyclocross season I'm shooting with a G5 + Sigma 60mm f2.8 and while I'm only once race in, I'm fairly happy with it. Yes the continuous AF if the Canon was better and I have to work a bit harder to defocus backgrounds if I want, but with enough light the IQ is just as good, at least for my purposes. I'm sure the 75mm is better, but I don't know that I need it. If someone made a 100mm f2, I'd jump in it in a second though.
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