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  1. Robert Watcher

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    San Juan del Sur is a tourist town in the southern part of Nicaragua. The whole backdrop is bold bright and colourful. While visiting there this past weekend, I captured some of the essence of San Juan del Sur in these 3 images. Enjoy:

    Taken with Olympus E-PL5 w/ 14-42 kit lens




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  2. Robert Watcher

    Robert Watcher Mu-43 Top Veteran

    A few more colourful images from our fun weekend in San Juan del Sur...

    ...the location where 4 seasons of Survivor were filmed - - - Survivor: Nicaragua, Survivor: Redemption Island, Survivor: San Juan del Sur, and Survivor: Worlds Apart

    Some street images.

    Cuarta Seccion



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  3. Robert Watcher

    Robert Watcher Mu-43 Top Veteran

    This weekend is really kind of an awesome 'TOP OFF' of our incredible 4 1/2 years in Nicaragua. Within 2 weeks or so we will be living in the mountain city of Xela, Guatemala - with a whole new inspiration for photographing the incredible Mayan culture in the surrounding town and villages. We may not get back to Nicaragua... Anne and I had to have a special meal on this occasion. We received that at the BeachSide restaurant El Timon.

    So food prices aren't as cheap as many people think (as in almost free) - it costs to eat whether that is preparing food for yourself or eating out. But when you consider the total costs of such a meal as we had to eating in a high end restaurant back home in Canada or the US - - - there is a substantial saving.

    I'll give you an idea of what I mean. Our meal on this evening included 3 Pina Coladas, 1 CocaCola, Huge dinner for two with Lobster, Clam, Squid, Octopus, Marlin, Shrimp plus side orders - - - $35 USD total that included the mandatory 15% taxes plus the built in 10% tip (we added another 10% of course). The view and ambiance alone were worth the $35.00

    I always have my trusty Olympus E-PL5 w/14-42 kit lens with me in my pants pocket - so I miss no moments - including detail shots that I send to the companies Facebook pages.




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