Coen Bros. like analog!

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    If it's good enough for Anton Chigurh then it's ok with me!

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    Have you tried out any digital cameras yet?

    Ethan We’ve seen Roger’s tests of the Alexa, which are pretty remarkable, which is the eerie thing.

    Joel I think both of us — and T Bone I would throw in here, too — are very sort of analog. I’d rather listen to vinyl than to a CD. I’d rather see a movie shot on film. I don’t think they look the same. I think you can duplicate things with digital technology, but what you end up doing is trying to recapture elements of photochemical technology that aren’t there, and they always look a little screwy.

    Ethan The analog texture feels so good.

    Joel There was a period of time when you could choose whether you were shooting in black and white or in color, and depending on the subject matter — and usually it’s sort of genre-driven and all the rest. It would be great if you could say, “This movie lends itself to digital shooting, this one, black and white,” without there being any kind of arty stigma put on it. It’s just another thing you can try.
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