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  1. Alf

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    Almost decided: 90% it's for the GX1 for the sensor and the available darkness shooting, I'm just waiting for it to become available where I live.
    My 20/1.7 will be ready when it arrives.

    This leaves me with this choice for new lens:

    - The dynamic duo: Olympus 45/1.8 + Samyang 7.5/3.5
    - The monster: PanaLeica 25/1.4

    Is the Leica so much better than the 20mm pancake, or I'll be happier with three happy lenses in my bag?
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    Nov 4, 2010
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    Hi Alf. Since you have the 20mm, You should go for the dynamic duo. 40mm vs 50mm isnt that big of a deal (for me, it isnt) so having a 15mm FE and a 90mm 1.8 is a better choice.

    A great UWA lens in the samyang, the highly regarded 20mm 1.7 for an all around lens and in my opinion the best bang for your buck m43 lens the 45/1.8 and youre all set to travel and shoot anywhere! (in a small kit too)
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  3. meyerweb

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    Sep 5, 2011
    If you've already got the 20 and are happy with it, I wouldn't bother with the 25. The other lenses will give you much more flexibility than a second normal lens.
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  4. speltrong

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    May 8, 2011
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    Duo. The 20 is a fantastic lens, and it'd be better to have a variety of focal lengths rather than two that are so close in specs. I don't know about the Samyang, but I've read and heard glowing reviews about the 45.
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