Cheap GX7 spare battery option

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  1. tkbslc

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    I found a nice cheap alternative spare battery for the GX7/LX100. Maybe this is common knowledge, but it was news to me. I was not excited to run generics or pay $45 for a spare BLG10.

    The old GF3 battery, the DMW-BLE9 is only $11!

    The ONLY difference between it and the BLG10 is that it is 940mAh vs 1025. So for less than the price of a generic, you can get an genuine Panasonic battery and the only tradeoff is 9% less charge. I've tested it in my GX7 and charger and it works the same. Generic batteries for these cameras say they replace both BLG10 and BLE9, too.
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  2. Paul80

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    Jul 6, 2014
    And this is just about the only battery that will give a good performance in a GX7, I have lost count of the number of eBay compatibles I have bought that consistently go flat in under a 100 shots, even the DSTE ones don't last long, which is odd as the DSTE ones I use in out G5 & G6 easily last as long as the original.

    Its got so bad with the GX7 that I have just invested in one of the external power adaptors to allow me to run it off a pack in my camera bag

    Two 18650 Li-ion at 6000mah should last all day and are no bigger than a couple of AA cells.

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    Feb 20, 2010
  4. tkbslc

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    That's actually the same seller, too. Nice.
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    Dec 11, 2012
    MD, USA
    Thanks for the info! I just picked one up ;)
  6. tkbslc

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