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Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Dave Jenkins, Mar 16, 2016.

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    In setting up a Sony RX10, I found that the Fn button controls a panel of frequently-used features, such as ISO, drive mode, white balance, focus area, etc., similar to the Olympus Super Control Panel. The thing I like about the Sony's Fn Control Panel is that a little menu-diving allows you to change the contents of the panel, to set it up for fast access to the features you use most.

    So the question is, can this be done with Olympus? Can the Super Control Panel be set up to include the features I use most? I would especially like to add a quick change to back-button focus to the SCP. (I currently use the Fn2 button for back-button focus, but the process of changing back and forth from shutter-button focus is a nuisance.)

    Another thing I would like to add to the SCP is a quick way to turn Live View Boost on and off without menu diving.

    I realize these things can be done with Mysets, but I don't find Mysets very user-friendly.
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    I don't know about Olympus, but I know this can be done with Panasonic's Q Menu (their version of the SCP)
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    Sounds like a good use for myset functions?
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    You can set up the camera so that when in S-AF mode, the shutter button acts normally as does the AEF/AFL button. But when you switch to C-AF, your shutter now only fires the shot and the AEF/AFL button is your back-button focus. A quick press of the AEF/AFL button will act like a S-AF while holding it will C-AF. Of course you still have to switch modes between S-AF and C-AF, but that is fairly straight forward in the SCP.