Cemetery Photos from Galveston, Texas

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    For a photo challenge with the theme of "Cemetery", I headed down to Galveston to what appears to be one large cemetery off of Broadway but is actually 7 separate cemeteries. Even tho they are all right next to each other, you have to exit one to enter the next (you can step over the low wall from one to the other if you so desire).

    I was lucky that we still have lots of wildflowers in bloom because of the large amount of rain and cooler temps the last month. The cemeteries get overrun with them every May (this year into June even) and they make for some wonderful photos. I am a demographer and find cemeteries fascinating, the information you can gain from one when doing historical demography is amazing. So I got to combine my fascination with cemeteries and my love of photography.

    All photographs taken with my EM1 and ZD 150mm ƒ2.0 (shot wide-open). First photograph is the one I entered.

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    Any and all feedback is always welcomed and appreciated
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